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    LiaoCheng XinLuo Machinery Co.,Ltd
    Engaged in foundry, mechanical and mechanical assembly operations.
    Founded In
    Total Assets
    17.5ten thousand
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chairman's Speech

    After nearly 60 years of development, Liaocheng Xinluo Machinery Co., Ltd. has grown steadily despite the wind and rain. During this period, it has experienced several industrial changes and upgrades, and striving to become a global high-end equipment manufacturer of key parts and components is the enterprise's strategic development direction.

    The company has obvious competitive advantages in casting and machining, mainly serving the domestic and foreign medium and large internal combustion engine industry;Wind power new energy, industrial motor, rail transit industry;Industrial transmission and global high-end agricultural equipment and other industries.At present, the company mainly provides core assembly of large diesel engines to the world's top 100 enterprises such as Caterpillar and Siemens, as well as dozens of domestic state-owned enterprises such as Shangchai, with an export share of 60%.

    In the way of the rapid growth of Xinluo company, the Xinluo who are not afraid of difficulties and practical actions are running, accompanied by the cooperation partners at home and abroad who trust and care for Xinluo.We are committed to reform and innovation, improving the quality and efficiency of development, actively embracing the opportunities and challenges brought about by reform, opening up and economic globalization, and forging ahead bravely in the tide of history with the goal of providing advanced products and specialized services to more countries and people around the world.

    We firmly implement the new development concept, adhere to the "manufacturing innovation to win customers, management innovation to improve efficiency" as the dual wheel drive, create the core competitive advantage, along the road of high quality development, push the new lok cause to create new splendor!

    The future can be expected, the road in the foot.Let's forge ahead and witness the bright future of China's foundry industry together!

    Party Secretary and President of the company: Wang Lilin

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    No.169 Liaohe Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, Shandong
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